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Prostate Recovery ProgramHaving urinary leakage before a radical prostatectomy is very rare, however, following surgery, this changes to 69 – 98%. A big part of recovering from having the prostate removed is learning how to use your pelvic floor muscles to keep you continent and regain sexual function. It is recommended that men learn to use these muscles at least 5 weeks before surgery.1 It is for this reason that our program includes a PREHAB (pre-surgical) and POST-PROSTATECTOMY PACK.

Why Join the Prostate Recovery Program?

Newest research on pelvic floor activation shows that we previously weren’t working these muscles hard enough and that a more intense exercise program was needed. The good news is, the research is showing that men are becoming continent quicker.1 You may be told by your doctor that most men will spontaneously be down to one pad by the end of one year, but statistically an average 16 – 51% of men remain incontinent at 12 months post-surgery.

Quality of life has been proven to be linked to continence2, and when speaking to these men they have indicated that if they can be continent sooner by doing something about it, they will! A resent pelvic floor physiotherapy research paper is showing that 74% of the men in the exercise group became continent vs. 43% of the control group after 12 weeks. If you CAN learn how to use your pelvic floor with different activities to avoid leaking, why wouldn’t you?

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Details of the Program

  • Learn the anatomy of the prostate & how removing it can affect continence and erectile function
  • Learn the anatomy & function of the pelvic floor muscles during different activities
  • Learn how to activate your own pelvic floor muscles during different activities pre-surgically
  • Review what to expect after surgery and how to be prepared
  • Be set up on a pre-surgical exercise program
  • Follow up after catheter removed to assess status and review
  • Learn post-surgical rehab exercises
  • Progress therapy toward your activity and sexual goals


1 Milios et al.Pelvic floor muscle training in radical prostatectomy: a randomized controlled trial of the impacts on pelvic floor muscle function and urinary incontinence. BMC Urology (2019) 19:116 [Link]

2 Al-Ali BM, Ponholzer A, Augustin H, Madersbacher S, Pummer K. The long term effect of radical prostatectomy on erectile function, urinary continence and lower urinary tract symptoms: a comparison to age-matched healthy controls. BioMed Res Int. 2017. [Link]