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5 Tips For Reintegrating Into Society


The messages of staying safe have been loud and clear since mid March. Nine weeks later we are told we can start to go out again. We are like cavemen & women who had a saber tooth tiger lurking outside of our cave for months, now we don’t see it and are peeking outside, wondering if it is safe to emerge again. Our fight, flight, or freeze system is on high alert, scanning for danger. We might jump at the honk of a horn, or find we can’t handle fast moving vehicles. So how DO we emerge from the safety of our “cave dwellings” and remain calm?

Tip #1: Breathe! Calm, slow, deeper breathing has been scientifically shown to calm our nervous system. If you have had someone getting groceries for you during COVID-19 and are nervous to go into any stores yet, practice slowing your breathing down before you get out of the car. There are many breathing techniques that can help, and bottom line whatever feels right and works for you is the best one! Here is something you can try.

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March 24 COVID-19 Update

Due to the evolving situation with regards to COVID-19, Healthy Balance Physiotherapy and Wellness will now be closed until April 8/2020 pending further updates.

Please check our website and social media for ongoing updates.

Virtual appointments are being offered free of charge. Please book on-line through until April 8th/2020.